“Your Government is a Terrorist Organisation”

That is the title for Dr. Vernon Coleman´s video of October 25th, which I highly recommend. You will find the video by clicking here. Alternatively gå to www.odysee.com and search @videokomler to find the latest videos we have produced Norwegian subtitles for.

Terror definition

from Old French terreur (14c.), from Latin terrorem (nominative terror) “great fear, dread, alarm, panic; object of fear, cause of alarm; terrible news,” from terrere “fill with fear, frighten,” from PIE root *tres- “to tremble” From c. 1500 as “fear so great as to overwhelm the mind.”

This is sourced from www.etymonline.com which is an excellent service to find the roots of words.

Terror means fear so great as to overwhelm the mind. In other words, terror makes you loose the dominion of your own thinking.

With such definition we can say we are terrorised by the authorities and mainstream media on a daily basis, but fortunately there are some of us that still are asking questions about the actions, conclusions and claims. Obviously we are not supposed to do this according to the Minister of Health Bent Høie, who condescendingly (Norwegian language) believes that Norwegians are not able to think for them selves.

The deliberate use of scary words and images in so-called news bulletins and articles are found all over mainstream media. “So-called” because ‘the news’ means something new has happened. Propaganda and misleading information are never news, even though the Norwegian authorities are conducting press conferences every day in order to spread more fear and removal of human rights.

If one shall use facts as the basis, we have to check the information available to us. Not only the authorised and sanitised version, but also the suppressed and censored information from scientists, doctors, nurses and others. Next, we use the Trivium to ask the critical questions of what, who, where, when, why, and how, as well as follow the money. Unfortunately many reports and studies are colored by the source of the money. Regardless, there are very few independent scientific papers to be found.

But let us stick to the official facts and scientific reports that are available:

The DNA sequence which were presented to us from Wuhan in China consisted of 37 basis pairs. Based on these, they used a computermodel to fill in the gaps, the approximately 30.000 basis pairs that constitute what is called the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The source is CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA which is the highest authority on health in the USA.

So what does this mean? It means in my view that the virus is a theory. In fact, a conspiracy theory due to the fact the scientist came to a consensus that the theory can be presented as fact. Anyhow this is not solid science. Here is a comparison you can find at other sources:

When a simulation is presented as reality

A group of researchers claim to have found a unicorn because they found a piece of a hoof, a hair from a tail, and a snippet of a horn. They then add that information into a computer and program it to re-create the unicorn, and they then claim this computer re-creation is the real unicorn. Of course, they had never actually seen a unicorn so could not possibly have examined its genetic makeup to compare their samples with the actual unicorn’s hair, hooves and horn.

If this is not enough, the virus that they created – SARS-CoV-2 – was studied in the reported in the link above. The findings are interesting and the conclusion that can be made is good news.

SARS-CoV-2 cannot infect humans!

SarS-Cov-2 was not Infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested.
The tissues tested were Human adenocarcinoma cells (A549), human liver cells (HUH7.0), and Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293T).

This means that already back in June, the CDC and the scientist are practically saying that Covid-19 is not a real virus, but a simulated computer model that cannot infect human beings.

If we add that the PCR test can be used to find genetic sequences (to simplify: these are numbers) but not a real virus. From this test you can get positive results matching the computer-simulated model for Covid-19. This is confirmed by the Reuters fact checkers.

And this is where the terror by the authorities and mainstream media comes in to play. According to scientists, there is no real virus. The tests do not test for infections. Still, the mainstream media consistently are using the term “infected” when in fact we just have a bunch of positive test results. And they are telling us that the crisis is getting stronger and death and horror is coming, but hang on for a moment, statistically there are hardly anyone dying from Covid-19 any more. We only got the horror like loneliness, house arrest, jobs lost, insecure future, and the condescending politicians and mainstream medias left to deal with. And of course, even more horror.

Fear is the weapon used against the mind.

Don´t close your eyes for the psychological war you are finding yourself in.
Those pulling the strings know what is required.
Manly P. Hall gives you some insight:

Everyone must be kept fearful for a virus that apparently are not real, whilst people are getting ill from other viruses and infections, as well as hearth- and lung diseases, cancer, mental illness and so on. But these other diseases and illnesses are not so important. They are common and boring. They don’t sell papers and ads nor clicks and likes. It is horrible to those affected by these diseases but it doesn´t instill enough fear in others.

However, they served us hope – the vaccine – which the Norwegian authorities could de serverte et håp – vaksinen – already on the 25th of March conclude that there will be 18 months (Norwegian language) of lockdowns and restrictions before the vaccine will be ready and save us all. During months of the racing towards a Covid-19 vaccine, we are served small doses of information that the crisis will not be over even with a vaccine. får vi servert i små doser at krisen ikke vil være over selv med en vaksine. The latest from a study by the Imperical College London is that the vaccine will generate immunity just for a short period, hence we need a shot in the arm every 6 months, according to Dagbladet (Norwegian language). What about Covid-20 and Covid-21 which are also mentioned in the media? Mutations of the virus have been reportedly found so we will surly need a vaccine for every type of mutation. Forever.

Even if we had a virus that were more deadly than 0.3%, is it really neccessary to terrorise your own citizens? Do you really have to destroy so many lives, for children, adults and old people? To save who? Isn’t it more human to support each other and find comfort in desperate times?

“Common sense” means that one has the ability for logical thinking and judgement. To stay sane we have to listen to our senses. When you cannot understand, you lose your mind and go crazy, or in other words your mind is sick also known as insane. It is easy to see how mental health is under attack from the authorities and the mainstream media. By spreading fear the Norwegian spirit is terrorised.

But here are more facts from www.Euromomo.eu who reports on deaths for all EU countries. As you can see, there are no epedemic in Norway. It was worse 2 and 3 years ago.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the tsunami of negative manipulation? Compassion is an antidote to terror. It seems obvious to me that less social- and mainstream media is a good start. Greet neighbours and talk to friends, go for a walk, play, read books, and other activities that not only move the focus away from the terror, but also give knowledge and plasticity of the brain. And maybe an improved worldview.

The opposite of fear is love.

Love is the weapon we can use in self-defence against the violence we are experiencing.
John Lennon had a point when we said we have to learn to love ourselves first, open our hearth, and not fear a better world.
We have to embrace life.
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We must also remember to breath deeply and try to find a safe spot in ourselves. Even if it is just for a minute at the time. Try to be present in your conscious mind. Eckhart Tolle has several interesting videos on this topic. Now we see why masks have a negative impact on everyone.

Here is a short exercise that you can do anywhere any time you feel stressed or nervous. If you feel that wearing a mask is wise and necessary, this exercise is not for you.

Close your eyes and keep them closed throughout.

  1. Bread slowly and deeply in, and be conscious on how the lungs are being filled.
  2. While slowly exhaling, ask yourself by saying out loud: “Where am I?”
  3. Repete first point
  4. While slowly exhaling, answer loudly “I am here”
  5. Repete first point
  6. While slowly exhaling, ask yourself by saying out loud: “Are there any danger around me that could kill me during the next minute?”
  7. Repete first point
  8. While slowly exhaling answer (honestly, but I hope it is) “No”
  9. Open your eyes and you will be present in the Now. You are conscious, more relaxed. For a while.


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