Who owns you?

Your biological organism – hereinafter called the Living Body – is born free and innocent. You are born with a set of rights given by the Universe, the Creator, or if you like by God.

With a cry you inhale the reality created by your predecessors. In matter of minutes, your body is subject to human legislation and regulations. You are no longer truly free.

The true bind happens within the first 3 months, when your body is labelled. You are getting a FIRST NAME and a SURNAME. In capital letters due to local laws and international laws (Maritime law).

Your label will also contain a few sub-labels such as guardians (normally your natural parents, mother and father), your citizenship (assumed from your parents), and your body is categorized such as gender. All in all, this constitute your birth certificate. Your body is now associated to a Legal Physical Entity – your personal code/social security number, through your Name. Your name is now incorporated, and you are owned by the authority of the state – king or government.  

At this point we are individuals split into a 2-part human being, and it is important to keep this in mind as we progress further:

1. You are the living human being – subject to the Universal natural Law (Moral Law)
2. You are an Incorporated Legal Physical Entity – subject to laws created by human beings.

I will try to give some insight into the previously hidden information that now are available on the internet and in books. “There is nothing new under the sun” applies, so these are my musings, interpretations, and perceptions. I encourage you to do your own study and research and form your own opinion.

1. Living Body: Let’s start with what is commonly accepted: We have a biological computer called a physical body that is supported by a force that makes this body alive. We also have an ego that is operating this body through our psyche and 5-senses reality. We can agree that we are able to think, to feel, and to act through our will. We have the capacity to perceive the reality and reflect on what has happened (re-envision and use our imagination based on short- and long-term memories) and to predict what will happen based on experience, memories, and intellect. This is the essential difference between a human being and the sentient beings in the animal kingdom. In other words, only human beings have a conscious mind capable of being moral in accordance with the Universal Law.

2. Incorporated Legal Physical Entity – your persona, you as a Person, hereinafter called Name – is your avatar in our co-created reality that we experience as life. For anyone that engages in the artificial reality like social media or played a game you see the same dynamic: you get the option to make a profile (avatar) with a name or nickname. Your Name is subject to the laws, rules and regulations applicable to the various realities we operate in. Data regarding your name are collected, digitalized and stored in databases and are subject to the subjective legislation in the territory you happen to be in.

Now let’s look at the evolution of each of our entities. In general terms we can make this scheme:

From birth to 6-7 years:

Living Body: Subject to conditioning by guardians, rituals, culture, behaviours, love, fear, trust, habits, etc. These formative years are mostly on the subconscious level. Guardians decide on your diet, your medication, your vaccinations.

Name: Used for entering into a contract with other corporations like the State (claiming child benefits), Nurseries (childcare), and other services/benefits. Name is protected by the Human Rights, if implemented in your country. Your data is stored in multiple various databases (health institutions, kindergarten etc.). The data is traded to other companies, data aggregators etc. and is used as collateral on the stock exchange.

Age 7 years to 16:

Living Body: Programming are now at a conscious level. Realizes the power of lies and deceit (Every trusted person has lied to you: i.e. Santa Claus is not real) Subject to the need/expectations from guardians, friends, peer pressure groups, culture, social norms, and more vaccinations.

Name: Subject to the laws and regulation of the nation, i.e. Mandatory schooling, be examined and have a diploma at the end of completing secondary school. Your name is still owned by your guardians/parents

Age 16-18 years:

Living Body: Can now claim ownership of your name and become legally sovereign. If Name has contracted a student loan, claims on your living body to complete education and claim on the subsequent earning from your physical work.

Name: Guardians still responsible legally and economically in most cases. Can choose between further education or working. Can, if legislation allows, decide if what to eat, drink, inject, and sexual relations (sexual age most countries). Guardians normally have to approve contractual relationship like marriage, student loans, etc as per legislation. Name is transitioning from being a subject of the guardians to a slave-relation with the system unless claimed by the Living body.

From the age of 18+:

Living Body: Reaching the “legal age” means that the contracts made in the Name can have direct implication on the Living Body – if you accept that your Name is representing your Living Body. I.e. if taxpayer, the state’s claim to take a cut on the earning from physical work, legislation decide on your body: what is illegal to eat, drink, inject etc.

Duress: Must be vaccinated to be a doctor or nurse in many countries. Some countries must be vaccinated to attend kindergarten and/or school (i.e. Australia)

Name: The “Legal age” automatically removes the guardians ownership over your incorporated name. The Name is now subject to demands and permissions. Conscription in many countries – mandatory service in the military from 12 months to several years. Taxpayer; an agreement under duress. Cannot work without a taxpayer status. Bank loan: An agreement where your name is linked to your living body’s work. You get permissions under the legislation, like get a driver´s license, enrol on the voters register etc.

Death at any age from the day born:

Physical body stop living and disintegrates. You – the true being (Ego/Soul) returns to the cosmic Consciousness.

Name: Lives on in the digital world. The data related to your names never disappears and is used in i.e. settling inheritance, debts, properties etc. Your avatars in artificial realities lives on.

So far you see you are subject to or have claims against You – the living body through your incorporated name.

We can discuss the morality of this however, no one owns You.

But this is likely to change!

GMO: Patented life is owned by corporations. Tomatoes, wheat, soy, and much more: https://metacept.com/patents-for-living-organisms/

Not all science is good even if it is approved by the governing authorities, and a federal court has declared genetically engineered salmon unlawful.

mRNA vaccine is using a strain that is patented. The manufacturer owns this strain. When first entered the body, it can never be removed.

The legal system has never dealt with this dilemma for human beings, and it could be one of the reasons why the urgency of getting “vaccine” into humans as soon as possible.

Here are some scenarios:

  • 1. Vaccinated person is getting the patented RNA strain through vaccine. Payment for vaccine by the Authorities covers all claims that the vaccine manufacturer has. Can this be changed at a later stage?
  • 2. Vaccinated person is getting the patented RNA strain through vaccine. As this RNA strain is multiplying, there could be a claim that the patent is violated, and the person should pay a “subscription fee”. If you refuse, would they have the right to “uninstall” the RNA strain by injecting the person with a modification? Am not saying that they will “terminate” the person, but what will the legal system say?
  • 3. Vaccinated person is getting the RNA strain through vaccine. The owner of the strain can at a later stage want to “maintain” or “modify” their patented RNA strain by forcing the subject to “boost” their vaccine (reports from Imperial College London supports this). This of course to keep you “safe”. Who is paying for this mandatory injection – the State or will it be a claim towards your person? Are there any expiry date on each cycle (Imperial College London suggest every 6 months)? How many cycles per human life (every 6 months for the lifetime)? What if an update is necessary to live, can the RNA strain owner refuse to give it to you, due to i.e. Social Crediting score, your Sesame score, contribution to the greater society, political/religious beliefs, etc. (i.e. the China model of China´s Communist Peoples Party)?
  • 4. Vaccinated person desires to father or mother a child. Due to the patent restricting copying of the strain of DNA, they need a permission from the holder of the to procreate. Can they be denied? Will it cost money? Do they have to subscribe? Do they have guardianship of the child? Do they own the child´s name? This is a potential powerful tool for population control.

There are many other issues lurking in the shadows. What about compensation to those getting adverse effects from the vaccine (4 Billion US Dollars paid so far for vaccine damage in the USA)? Who owns the new mutated virus derived from the RNA strain that requires another vaccine? What is the origin of SARS-CoV-2 – lawsuit filed,

After millions of years of human activity on planet Earth, we are now entering a stage where human evolution stops. Now the DNA-design made by beings that are not pro-human who decides the further evolution. The power that be have elevated themselves from the dark occulted realm and are taking our birth-rights away. These in power think they are God on Earth, and we have references to this in religions all over the world. Judeo-Christian knows as Lucifer the fallen Seraphim (serpent demon); Islam as Jinn; Gnostic tradition the Archons; Hindu as the Asuras; Canaanite it is Baal; Ammonites it was Moloch;

Please note that Satan (Hebrew: ha-satan) which means “the opposer” was the adversary to Jesus and is an obfuscator of reality. Not possessing demonic qualities in the Old Testament. I place this negative force experienced in the psyche of human beings as fear, doubt, self-loathing etc.

In conclusion:

At the same time as the demons are ruining humanity, most people are supporting it through their inactivity and passive selfishness – their de-facto satanism. Harsh you say? Maybe, but most people should have an inner compass of Morality. A sense what is right and what is wrong. What Truth is. But few are expressing this and very few are standing up to the oppression.

Why do you allow these beings to play God and let them OWN YOU?

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