The Comatose Beauty

Once upon a time, 150 years ago or more, several merchants and financiers came together to discuss how to secure their powers. They had already fathered a son but were concerned that his behaviour would lead people to take away all the privileges they had gained over the centuries.

After much discussion on how to raise a new daughter, they agreed to adopt a beautiful girl. She was so fragile that no woman was allowed to come near her.

The merchants and financiers offered their daughter to the rulers around the world. Many welcomed her and said she could stay for a day every 4 years.

But two of the most powerful rulers refused her and said that they rather wanted to keep her brother.

The baby girl started to grow, and she was called Democracy.

She was so attractive, that women around the world wanted to take part in her upbringing. At the beginning very few rulers allowed that.

The 2 powerful rulers who were of the same family, the Tsar and Der Kaizer preferred the boy – whose name was Totalitarianism, and who has the same DNA as Tyrrany.

As the beauty of Democracy came to bloom the merchants and financiers started to pull their strings and Europe erupted in a war. The war spread around the world and in the aftermath of very many horrible deeds and events, the Tsar was dead and Der Kaizer had fled.

In place for the Tsar was installed new rulers who loved Totalitarianism, but he was now dressed up in the clothes of Marxism and Communism. The merchants and financiers were very satisfied. “That boy will go places”, they said and let him do as he wanted as long as he did their bidding and gave them fortunes.

In the country of Der Kaizer Democracy was installed, but under the strict supervision of the merchants and financiers. She was given the clothes of Constitutional Freedom. However, Democracy was not understood or welcomed by everyone and she struggled to find her role. Not long after, some of the merchants and financiers lost their patience with her and installed her brother Totalitarianism in her place. Not to confuse people in other countries, they dressed him up in the clothing National Socialism. They had already successfully got rid of a king and installed Totalitarianism in the clothing of Fascism in the land of the boot.

Even the Pope was enthusiastic, blessed Totalitarianism and held him dear.

Over the years Totalitarianism grew stronger and uglier in his dominions. Democracy grew old enough for women in many countries to take part of her upbringing and they made her even more beautiful. Democracy thrived but started to despise her brother. “Don’t touch my friend Poland, or I will fight you”, she warned. Her brother didn’t care and did what he wanted.

The merchants and financiers supported both their children and let them have another war that again spread around the world. After 6 years of fighting, the merchants and financiers said it was enough.

Totalitarianism was now only allowed to wear the clothing of Communism and they took away his clothes of Fascism and National Socialism. But they devised a cunning plan and gave him a new nice clothing that also covered his face so that people couldn’t see who he was – International Socialism. For headwear he was told to use Collectivism and his footwear were Corporatism. He used these clothes in many countries and many people thought he was as good as his sister Democracy.

Democracy was still forced to do as the merchants and financiers told. She was given the additional clothes of Human Rights. To please her they allowed her to sit with them and watch in the international unions for politics, finance, trade, military and many others. This was very unfair, because her brother – Totalitarianism – was allowed to play in all these forums. He played so well, that he was given the clothing of Technocracy which was held together by a Paper Clip. He was also donning the old robes of Capitalism. What more, he started to look more and more like her sister and people were fooled.

After some time, Democracy realised that she will never be allowed to grow up and be independent of her parents. She started to become more like her brother Totalitarianism. She even had to wear his clothing like Free Trade and Globalism and people could no longer see the difference between them. The merchants and the financiers were celebrating every day that they had secured their powers in near every country in the world.

Then in the year of 2020 a big tragedy happened.

Democracy had been ill for a long time, but now got an auto-immune disorder after injecting pharma-medication and fell into a deep sleep.

Totalitarianism in his technocracy clothing took over all dominions that Democracy had. He proudly donned the headwear of State of Emergency. At first, he tore off her the clothes of Constitution so that she became very cold and bleak. Then he strangled her more and more by removing her Human Rights bit by bit.

In the end Democracy could no longer support herself and went into the state of comatose.

Totalitarianism grew a thick thorny hedge around the people in many countries. The Beauty was on medical support with intensive care.

Democracy became quickly just an idea of foregone times.

Totalitarianism said he will do what Democracy did, but much better. Democracy was after all dangerous for ignorant people, so he asked everyone to obey. Obey his curfews, obey his new dictates on behaviours and thoughts, all for the common good. He told everyone to forget the idea of free will and true freedom because he knows what is best for all people. Totalitarianism told people to surrender everything they owned and held dear, their humanity and even their children. Totalitarianism laid a plan on how to make people better living beings – he wants to change everyone into a new trans-human form. All for the collective good.

Now in the fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty a prince manages to walk through the thick thorny hedge and with a kiss revive the Beauty. In our tale, we don’t know the ending. But you can choose how the ending begins.

Do we let Totalitarianism rule, no matter which nice clothing he is wearing and the promises he makes?

Shall we let the merchant and financiers kill Democracy?

Remember, the merchants and financiers are the parents of both Totalitarianism and Democracy, so nothing will change.

Maybe Democracy is not worth saving.

So rather than passively waiting for someone to break in through the thorny hedge, we should use our Light and find our courage to break out from the claws of Totalitarianism.

With our internal moral compass of understanding what is Right and what is wrong, we should focus our energy on building a new world based in Truth. We should stop fighting among ourselves and let the old world of dark and evil forces destroy itself behind the thorns. After all, there are no wizards behind the curtain.

We can all be the prince that rescues the true princess – Love. Her crown is a bright light of Truth and her golden dress is Freedom. Together with our princess we can build a new world where everyone is sovereign and participates on equal terms under the Universal Law. People exercise their rights by not harming anyone else or take other peoples property. People volunteer to create safe and thriving communities through participating in matters concerning the wider society. A society where slavery in any forms is banned. Where technology is used to enhance freedom and not to impose control. And any other good that you can think of.

We can all create the reality where we can experience what the prince and princess did in The Sleeping Beauty, to “live happily ever after” with our Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine in balanced harmony.

To be continued – by you…

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